Cash on delivery (COD)

Ours Agro is a commercial organization formed by group of professionals that work to form a efficient linkage between small producer to actual consumer. Across the country Ours Agro promotes traditional farmer and producer to develop locally suitableeconomic activity.

The group comprises of professionals motivated to use their knowledge and skills to address theissues of rural economy. While working towards enabling the rural economics, Ours Agro collaborates extensively with all sectors releted to agricultural commodity and work as; Develop marketing linkage and brand endorsement for traditionally grown agricultural productsraised by small farmers using low cost technology.

Marketing access for nature friendly and organic agri food products. Promotion and marketing of Geographical Indicator (area specific) products having special attributes. Direct market linkage provide to small farmers like maize growers with maize based industry. Promotion and marketing of quality based products instead of quantitative traits based product. eg.Promotion of milk produce from indigenous breed having superior quality protein and more congugated linolic acid rather than exotic breed producing more milk with lesser/inferior nutrient.

Rare and highly valued forest produce grown /collected by tribal people preferably marketed through ours agro. Further processing unit will be set-up nearby to production area preferably run by localperson. Ours agro only control on the quality and standardization of product. Small entrepreneurs those producing quality/concept product ours agro will provide marketingnetworks.